ContentFacing Fear 
Main PointGideon
Memory Verse“Do not be afraid, I am with you” Isaiah 41:10 
Hand Motions“Do not” (cross arms in front of you like an x) “be afraid” (hands on cheeks and make scared face) “I am” (point up) “with you” (hug yourself) Isaiah 41:10 (hold hands out like holding a bible)
Bible StoryRead Judges 7

  • By Saddleback Kids
  • Type “Gideon’s 300 Men” into youtube search
Questions1. The Israelites were starving and scared, what did they do? (They prayed to God and asked for help)

2. What did God do to help them? (God sent Gideon to lead them in an army)

3. There were a lot of men in the army at the beginning, what happened to all of them? (God told Gideon that he didn’t need that many men; sent the scared people home; sent the people that didn’t drink from their hands home)

4. Even though Gideon was confused and scared about following God’s words and leading the army what did he do? (He listened to God and lead the army to win)

5. Even though we get scared and confused sometimes, what can we do? (Talk to God and believe that He is always there with us)

Activity Play follow the leader with your child. Remind them that just like they followed your commands in the game, they can be like Gideon and follow what God says too.