ContentLoving Others 
Main PointThe Good Samaritan Shows Love to the Jewish Man
Memory Verse“Love your neighbor as yourself” Matthew 22:39
Hand Motions“Love” (hands over your heart) “your neighbor” (point and look from side to side) “as yourself” (hug yourself) Matthew 22:39 (hold hands out like holding a bible)
Bible StoryLuke 10:25-37

  • By Saddleback Kids
  • Type “the good samaritan kids” into youtube search
Questions1. What happened to the Jewish man while he was traveling? (he was attacked by robbers)

2.What did the priest do? (saw the hurt Jewish man and kept walking)

3. What did the levite do? (looked at the hurt man and kept walking)

4. What did the Samaritan do? (He helped him, bandaged his wounds, took him to an inn, cared for him)

5. After Jesus tells the story, what does He tell us to do? (go and act like the good samaritan and love our neighbors)

Activity Play Simon Says with your child normally except use the words “Jesus Says”. Remind them we can follow what Jesus Says just like the Good Samaritan.