We Embrace Irrational Generosity

First Fruits Offering '24

First Fruits At TC

First Fruits is the annual offering where we bring to God a sacrificial offering that sets the tone of generosity and covenant for the year. This is a financial gift we offer the same way God’s people have for thousands of years going back to the Israelites in the Old Testament. This is not a “law to be followed”, but rather a “posture to be pursued”. By taking the first part of the year and giving generously to God, we are saying “God, I need your hand of favor on my finances, my home, and my life” and are committing to a covenant with Him with an expectation of God’s supernatural favor and flourishing to rest on you and your family for the rest of the year. Join us March 3rd, as we give in the First Fruits Offering at TC!

Biblical First Fruit Events

Listed below are just a few of the Biblical events that the rabbi’s inform us all took place on the exact same Jewish calendar day of Firstfruits throughout history — Nisan 17th.

• Nisan 17 Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mt. Ararat (Genesis 8:4)
• Nisan 17 Moses led the Children of Israel through the Red Sea (Exodus 3:18)
• Nisan 17 Israel ate the Fruit of the Promised Land (Joshua 5:10-12)
• Nisan 17 Hezekiah cleansed the Temple (II Chronicles 29:1-28)
• Nisan 17 Queen Esther saved the Hebrews from annihilation (Esther 3:12)
• Nisan 17 Jesus resurrected from the dead! (I Corinthians 15:3-4 refers to the “third day” after Passover, which is the very day that Firstfruits is celebrated!)

First Fruits & God's Message To Us

These odds are much too great for coincidence! So, what is God highlighting and communicating to us through this impossible and undeniable message on Firstfruits?


• God will END STORMS… like he did for Noah!
• God will get You THROUGH the Impossible… like Moses in the Red Sea!
• You will TASTE the PROMISES of God… like Israel in the Promise Land!
• God will RESTORE and RENEW Your Life… like Hezekiah and the Temple!
• God will STOP the ENEMY’s PLAN… like he did for Queen Esther!
• God will give You NEW LIFE… in and through the Life of Jesus!


Here at TC, we have several ways for you to take action on your generosity and to give:

The Church Center App

The Church Center App is the central hub for our congregation. In addition to being able to manage your profile, pre-check in your kids on Sunday’s for kids church, view the TC Groups directory and see the groups you are a part of, and see any upcoming events, you can give instantly using a credit or debit card, by using ACH transfers, or with Apple Pay! Donors can also manage their recurring donations and payment methods, as well as view your donation history. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Electronically Online

We fully understand most people no longer carry cash or checks. We have made giving electronically with a debit/credit card, with your bank account as an ACH transfer, or with Apple Pay easy and safe. Click here to be taken or our secure portal. To make giving even more convenient, you can setup your account and save your information for future gifts!


Many people here at TC take advantage of the convenience of recurring giving. With recurring giving you can setup automatic transactions to happen on the schedule you set. This way, even if you miss a service you can still take part in giving with us! Recurring giving can be setup in your profile in our secure portal by clicking here, or by downloading the Church Center App.

In Service

To give securely with cash or check during the service, you will find a tithe & offering envelope in the seat back in front of you. We will also have them available at the Connect Center in the lobby. When you exit the auditorium, there are Tithe & Offering drop-box’s located next to the doors, just drop your envelope there.


You can also mail in your gift to us at 6800 Mobile Hwy. Pensacola, FL 32526.


TC can now accept cryptocurrency donations, including Bitcoin, Ether, and 24 other crypto coins! If you have cryptocurrency you thought about liquidating to make a donation to TC, don’t…Save yourself the capital gains taxes you’d owe by donating the crypto directly to us! We are exempt from capital gains taxes so you get the benefit of a tax-deductible, charitable donation, as well saving yourself from incurring a tax liability!

We have partnered with Engiven to process cryptocurrency donations. They way it works is simple:

  1. A donor makes a crypto donation
  2. Engiven verifies and liquidates the crypto
  3. An ACH deposit is made to TC

It’s that simple! All donations will be reflected on your annual giving statement as well.

To donate cryptocurrency to TC, you can click here to begin!


Other Non-Cash Assets

You can also give non-cash assets such as stocks, real estate, IRA’s, and other assets. The benefit to do it this way is it saves you on owing any capital gains taxes! Normally, if you had shares of a stock and you wanted to make a gift to the church, you would sale the stock and donate the proceeds. However, in doing this, you now have a tax obligation and will owe capital gains taxes. Instead, donate the stock directly to us! As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we are exempt from any capital gains taxes. So, you still make your financial gift which qualifies as a tax deduction as a charitable donation AND we all avoid a tax obligation. It’s a win/win! If you would like to donate a non-cash asset, please contact Pastor Justin Oswald at justin.oswald@transformationchurch.com and he can walk you through the process.

How to Give Online (or from the Church Center App)

Tithing Is Our Foundation of Giving

The Bible teaches us a baseline standard for giving: the tithe. When we give the first 10% of our income to the church, we put God first in our lives.

At Transformation Church, we believe what the Bible teaches in Malachi 3:9-10, and the numerous teaching of Jesus including Matthew 22, about tithing. We teach tithing as an act of worship to God, who has provided us with everything that we have. When we tithe, we express gratitude, faith, and love for others. We give because we love Him and we love people.

We also give offerings to God, which is gift above and beyond our tithe.