What's The Curriculum?

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What's The Curriculum?

The Leadership Pipeline will involve once a week classes for each student where we focus on the following Class Overviews:


Spiritual Leadership

Know the difference between good things and God things. The goal is to help you develop your spiritual influence and the character necessary to carry out the calling.

Authority of Scripture

Learn the Bible in a new way as we understand the authority that comes from the scripture and gain a deeper understanding of it’s purpose for our lives.

Sermon/Teaching Construction

Structuring your notes to deliver a teaching is step one. Learn how to build a training, teaching, or message that is affirmed by scripture yet also helps you present it in a way to create an impact.

Sermon/Teaching Presentation

Communication is key. Learn to communicate a training, teaching, or message that people can understand and remember clearly regardless of the setting or size of the group.


Gain a true understanding of prayer. The purpose and power that comes from it, and how a heart after God is truly our greatest need.

Apologetics & Evangelism

Knowing how to have healthy conversations to engage the lost and being prepared to carry the Gospel is key, regardless of the opposition. Acquire these tools and practice in healthy environments.

Spiritual Identity

It’s important to lead from a place knowing that you are proven by God’s love for you, rather than trying to earn God’s love for you. Find true freedom to minister the Gospel as a son or daughter.


There are key things to look out for as you lead, and to avoid pitfalls that have taken down great men and women of God. Become empowered to carry your calling by building up others.

Self Awareness

You have strengths. Learn how they are strategic gifts from God to carry out your calling. Become empowered to move forward into the next steps God has for you.


Stewardship & Leadership

Accountability is an important part of leadership. People don’t support who they don’t trust. Gain the knowledge to put key safeguards into your personal life and your ministry as a leader.

Synthetic & Inductive Studies

The scriptures offer us so much more than what we read on the surface. Take part in learning how to breakdown scriptures in a way that will change the way you read and study the Bible.

Building a Legacy

People are looking to connect to vision. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. OFten times a lack of vision and leadership is why. Learn how to build a legacy by becoming a multigenerational leader.

Investing in a Team

Once you have built a team, how to you keep them? How do you motivate them? How do you ensure they continue to grow to become better? More importantly what’s next for the team after they say “yes”?

Ministry & The Local Church

Understand the inner workings of ministry or organization to uncover where health comes from. A healthy church takes more than great vision, it is an ecosystem of health. Learn to lead on a macro level as the whole organization grows.

Theology & Worship

Understanding who God is and a healthy view of His attributes are a necessity to lead other people. Many people have a skewed version of God in their minds from teachings that are contrary to the Bible. The more we understand God, and His great love for us, the more we are inspired to worship Him. But our worship is more than a song, it’s in the very fiber of our being.