Take Your Stake Today!

Starting now and for the next 30 days we are continuing the Take Your Stake Campaign! We have two goals with this awesome campaign:

  1. To attach your family, your legacy, your children, your heritage to the future of our campus. We are going to have literal stakes to put in the ground that you will get to write your name on and your family’s names on. You will have the chance to literally put a stake in the ground as we all become invested in the future of the move of God at that location.
  1. We are aiming to raise $60k in 30 Days. There are so many things we would love to accomplish over the next 30 days at the new campus. As we prayed about delaying some of them until next year, we felt God lead us to step into a place of sacrificial giving! Above our tithes, we are aiming to see $60,000 come in over the next 30 days so that we can accomplish all that God has placed on our hearts for the vision of TC and the campus! Finishing the gym, completing some external renovations and preparing for major improvements to the property will all be possible much sooner than we anticipated as we all give faithfully and sacrificially! So I want to invite you to join us as we give!

To partner with us in giving, please click here . If you are from out of town and want to give and have a stake put in the ground to represent your family and your legacy in the growth and expansion of Transformation Church, you can give online and send us an email with that request and we will send you photos of your stake, and one of our leaders placing it into the ground for you to keep!

Thank you all so much! I am beyond excited for the future of Transformation Church and all that God has done, is doing, and will continue to do! This is just the beginning!

Pastor Brad Livingston

Take Your Stake

To partner with us and give to the Take Your Stake campaign, just click here. Make sure to select "Take Your Stake" from the drop-down options when you make your donation.

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