Where a crowd becomes community

Small Groups are how we care for each other.

SZN 1: January 3 - March 27

At its core, a Small Group is less about what you do and more about who you do it with. We all need each other and that’s why we have Small Groups. Just like most things, you won’t know until you try, so register your Small Group today!

Whether you're meeting online or 6 feet apart, Small Groups are how we care for each other.

You don’t need to have it all together to lead a Small Group—you just have to be willing to let God use you. To host a group, you simply choose a topic that interests you and select a time and location to meet with others to share it. Then, we give you a few essential tools like first-time leader training, a directory where others can find your group, and support throughout the season. We believe God uses Small Groups to change people’s lives, and as a Small Group leader, you get to be a part of that.

Common Questions

What happens at a small group meeting?

You’ve probably seen Small Groups meeting and not even realized it. A small group looks like friends at lunch, teams playing basketball, or people studying a book or topic of interest. At its core, a small group is a small gathering of people, and it is less about what you do and more about who you do it with. By participating in Small Groups, you can expect to connect with others through a common activity, engage in life giving conversation and request prayer.

How often does a small group meet?

Our Small Groups meet for three sessions a year—we call them Seasons or SZNs. During the SZN, most groups meet once a week. Small Groups are meant to bring meaning and community into the flow of your life, so even if you can’t attend every meeting, there is still great value in joining a group.

Where does a small group meet?

Small groups meet all over town in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and even online on Zoom.

How long does a typical small group stay together?

Most Small Groups meet for a season. This way, new people can join groups easily and regularly. Also, the season format allows you to try multiple groups each year. As relationships form, some groups choose to stay together for consecutive seasons, but new members are always welcome.

Is there childcare available?

Childcare varies from group to group. When you search our directory for a group, the group profile will indicate if childcare is available.

What if I don't like the first group I try?

The truth is, not everyone will find the best fit with the first group they try. This is why we encourage you to select a few groups that interest you, contact the leaders and try out a couple different groups before choosing the best one for you. The simple strategy to finding success in Small Groups is to not give up. We believe there is a group that is right for everyone—including you!

RightNow Media

We have partnered with RightNow Media to give everyone at TC access to thousands of online bible studies, curriculum, conference sessions, and quality Christian content! Each Online Group will be using a specific study or curriculum from RightNow Media that you'll watch before the meeting time. Then, on the Zoom video conference, the online group leader will guide us in a group discussion! We will also check-in with everyone, take prayer requests, share praise reports, and pray together as a group.