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What's Imagine?


The first is to empower Transformation Church with the resources needed to advance the vision of making a difference in people’s lives through Jesus Christ. The second, is that through the act of sacrificial giving and generosity, each of us will take another step in our walk with God.

We have seen God’s amazing grace at work in our lives and through every aspect of ministry at TC. “IMAGINE” is a spiritual challenge to elevate all of our giving commitments—our time, talent, and treasure—so that those who come through our doors and those we serve in the world can continue to experience the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Our commitments to the operating budget help fund the annual costs of doing ministry. As our congregation has grown and our ministries have expanded their reach, new opportunities have arisen that are within our reach to execute as we impact even more people with the hope of Jesus. In making a commitment to “IMAGINE”, we take a step over and above our regular giving to pay down the debt on the campus that continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people possible. Perhaps a worthwhile question to prayerfully consider is what an incremental increase in your giving might look like. If you currently don’t give, beginning with a small, sustained pledge would be a great first step on your faith journey. If you currently give, but haven’t yet tithed, consider tithing or growing toward tithing as your next step. If you already tithe, pray about how God might grow your faith through this campaign and use you to do even more through the vision of Transformation Church. No matter where you are on your giving journey, we pray that you will give as an act of faith, trusting that God will continue to do amazing things with our investments.

How you can participate!



Prayerful conversation with the Lord, your family, and your TC family are so important as God gives you peace and clarity about your involvement. Ask the Lord, and be confident in His direction: "God, I'm In! What is it you want me to do to accomplish your plan in my church?


Your treasure is already where your
heart is; ask yourself if both are
faithfully submitted to God’s leading.
Bringing your requests to God and
receiving wisdom from Him is every
believer’s privilege and responsibility.
He wants to reveal His heart and His
will to you; be proactive and ask Him
and we know He will answer.



Being generous with a portion of your
income is a great place to start in giving. We
knoow God is calling each of us to consider
giving a sacrificial gift. This means setting
aside funds you normally would have spent
on something you can do without or even
something you think you can’t and giving
those funds to God. Beyond that, there are
other great opportunities to give as well.
Whether God provides an unexpected
blessing, or if you have property you want to
give while avoiding capital gains taxes. We all
have something to give as we imagine what
God could do if we went all in.


Follow through! Faith without works is
dead; we must set it in motion to
produce results. Making a commitment
is about anticipating what God will do
with what you give through your
generosity and obedience, not about
how much you give. Your job is to ask,
listen, and respond. His role is to bring
favor and blessing to the individuals
that He knows will be faithful and
generous with their gifts. Through God’s
faithfulness and our obedience, we
know that we can expect more than we
can think or imagine both in our church
and in our own lives!

A Word From Pastor Brad

Transformation Church Family

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Transformation Church! I am constantly encouraged to know how much God is using this church to impact the lives of people both at TC, and in our community. This is so evident as God continues to bless us as we grow. Your generosity and faithfulness at TC are some of the reasons that I know God is showing up in our church and literally transforming people’s lives. Like all seasons where God does amazing things, with this growth comes some opportunities to invest in the future of Transformation Church! At the beginning of 2020, we purchased and renovated the facilities that we currently use on campus. We now know it’s time for us to focus on a solution to move forward where God is leading the vision of TC in regards to growth, expansions, and innovative ministry solutions for TC Kids and TC Students. Furthermore, we want to focus more on our outreach on campus for the community. For this reason, we are excited to announce to you that we are launching a stewardship campaign called IMAGINE. Through IMAGINE we aim to not only expand the facilities and campus where God is changing people’s lives, but also pay to our debt so that we can begin preparing for the future ministry opportunities where God is calling us to make an even greater impact as a church. After the expansion is finalized and the campus is finished, we will have approximately $2.6 million dollars of debt that we want to pay off. I know that we can accomplish this together, so I want to invite you to IMAGINE WHAT GOD CAN DO WHEN WE GO ALL IN.

We’re asking every household to prayerfully consider partnering with us to give sacrificially over and above your ongoing tithes and offerings, over the next three years to IMAGINE. Through IMAGINE, we plan to raise the necessary funds to accelerate and accomplish the
vision of TC that will lay the foundation for the generations to come. Your involvement is vital and I’m inviting you to increase your faith and join us as we partner with God to do amazing things!

I want to invite you to make plans to be at TC with us on Sunday, January 16, 2022, for Vision Sunday! During this special service, you’ll learn more about the specific details for the vision of TC and how IMAGINE is going to get there! Moreover, we want to look at the importance of church-wide involvement and prayer as we move forward. No financial commitments will be asked for or received on this day, however, I know your faith will be inspired for the future
of our church and also for your life! We will be releasing additional information and dates in the weeks to come for info nights, vision gatherings, and more, where you will be able to ask questions and get more details onwhat is coming. For now, please be in prayer for TC. Pray for God to continue to lead usindividually and together as the body of Christ to create a true impact in our city, our nation, and our world. Just IMAGINE what could happen if YOU said: “I’M IN” with IMAGINE! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Pastor Brad Livingston

Ways To Give

There are several ways for you to take action on your generosity and say, "I'm All In!"

*If you're giving to Imagine, please be sure to change the fund from Tithes & Offerings to Imagine.

The Church Center App

The Church Center App is the central hub for our congregation. In addition to being able to manage your profile, pre-check in your kids on Sunday’s for kids church, view the TC Groups directory and see the groups you are a part of, and see any upcoming events, you can give instantly using a credit or debit card, by using ACH transfers, or with Apple Pay! Donors can also manage their recurring donations and payment methods, as well as view your donation history. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. BE SURE TO CHANGE THE SELECTED FUND YOU ARE GIVING TO FROM TITHES & OFFERINGS TO IMAGINE!

Electronically Online

We fully understand most people no longer carry cash or checks. We have made giving electronically with a debit/credit card, with your bank account as an ACH transfer, or with Apple Pay easy and safe. Click here to be taken or our secure portal. To make giving even more convenient, you can setup your account and save your information for future gifts! BE SURE TO CHANGE THE SELECTED FUND YOU ARE GIVING TO FROM TITHES & OFFERINGS TO IMAGINE!


Many people here at TC take advantage of the convenience of recurring giving. With recurring giving you can setup automatic transactions to happen on the schedule you set. This way, even if you miss a service you can still take part in giving with us! Recurring giving can be setup in your profile in our secure portal by clicking here, or by downloading the Church Center App. BE SURE TO CHANGE THE SELECTED FUND YOU ARE GIVING TO FROM TITHES & OFFERINGS TO IMAGINE!

In Service

To give securely with cash or check during the service, you will find a tithe & offering envelope in the seat back in front of you. We will also have them available at the Connect Center in the lobby. When you exit the auditorium, there are Tithe & Offering drop-box’s located next to the doors, just drop your envelope there. BE SURE TO INDICATE ON THE ENVELOPE AND CHECK THAT THIS IS FOR IMAGINE CAMPAIGN!


You can also mail in your gift to us at 6800 Mobile Hwy. Pensacola, FL 32526.


TC can now accept cryptocurrency donations, including Bitcoin, Ether, and 24 other crypto coins! If you have cryptocurrency you thought about liquidating to make a donation to TC, don’t…Save yourself the capital gains taxes you’d owe by donating the crypto directly to us! We are exempt from capital gains taxes so you get the benefit of a tax-deductible, charitable donation, as well saving yourself from incurring a tax liability!

We have partnered with Engiven to process cryptocurrency donations. They way it works is simple:

  1. A donor makes a crypto donation
  2. Engiven verifies and liquidates the crypto
  3. An ACH deposit is made to TC

It’s that simple! All donations will be reflected on your annual giving statement as well.

To donate cryptocurrency to TC, you can click here to begin!

Other Non-Cash Assets

You can also give non-cash assets such as stocks, real estate, IRA’s, and other assets. The benefit to do it this way is it saves you on owing any capital gains taxes! Normally, if you had shares of a stock and you wanted to make a gift to the church, you would sale the stock and donate the proceeds. However, in doing this, you now have a tax obligation and will owe capital gains taxes. Instead, donate the stock directly to us! As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we are exempt from any capital gains taxes. So, you still make your financial gift which qualifies as a tax deduction as a charitable donation AND we all avoid a tax obligation. It’s a win/win! If you would like to donate a non-cash asset, please contact Pastor Justin Oswald at justin.oswald@transformationchurch.com and he can walk you through the process.