Mr. Phil Show

What is God’s Plan?

Session 3

Use these questions to talk to your child about the message of Ephesians. Then consider taking the so-what challenge to incorporate this session’s message into your own life alongside your child.


Ephesians 1:12–23

“That Holy Spirit is the guarantee that we will get what God promised for his people. This will bring full freedom to the people who belong to God, to bring praise to God’s glory.” (Ephesians 1:14, ICB)

1. What were the Apostles chosen to do? (Show God’s power and plan to everyone.)

2. If you’re “marked by the Holy Spirit,” does that mean you got a tattoo? (No. It means the Spirit of God shows up in your life with power.)

3. What is hope? (When you are wishing for something good in the future.)

4. What are the Ephesians supposed to be hoping for? (God’s plan to put things back together.)

5. Have you seen God’s power show up in your life or in the life of someone around you?


For toddlers: Practice saying the phrase “God works in power!” while flexing your muscles together.

For grade schoolers: Discuss hope together. Ask your child, “What is something you hope for?”

For you: Spend time reading Scripture and ask God for a deeper knowledge of Himself.